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    April Meetup - Law Under Quarantine: Legal Needs in the Age of the COVID-19

    Zoom Meeting - April 22nd, 3:00 - 4:00 pm MST

    The Coronavirus is affecting all of us, whether we are sick or not. Every aspect of society is being disrupted as more and more of us physically isolate from each other out of necessity. The legal system is no exception. As courts struggle to adapt, lawyers face unprecedented economic challenges, and law schools are pivoting to keep programs running in real time. Everything is developing in real time, so it is difficult to predict just exactly what changes are ahead, but it is clear that a legal system based on 19th century structures and expectations, such as a physical presence in court, is simply not capable of handling the rapid disruption of COVID-19.


    Now is the time for flexible and outcome oriented solutions. Now is the time to finally adapt the legal system to the technology and expectations of today's society. Join Denver Legal Hackers and the Music City Legal Hackers to discuss how the Coronavirus is affecting the legal system and what you can do to get involved. Cat Moon, Director of PoLI Institute and Innovation Design, Program on Law & Innovation, Lecturer in Law, and Instructor in Radiology and Radiological Services at Vanderbilt Law School, will tell us how the #makelawbetter initiative is gathering legal innovators and technologists together to provide guidance, recommendations, and resources to courts and bar leaders around the country to get through these difficult times, keep the justice system running, and to create a system that better reflects the needs of our current society even after this pandemic ends.


    Few have a background as well-situated to these circumstances than Professor Moon, who teaches Legal Problem Solving, a course in human-centered design for law, as well as the Business of Law and Blockchain and Smart Contracts, and works with law firms, legal departments, and law schools globally to bring a human-centered design perspective to re-imagining the delivery of legal services and legal education.


    You can learn more about her call for action here: https://www.makelawbetter.org/

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